Integrated Wellbeing

Integrated wellbeing includes different individual and collective dimensions that interact together in complex ways.  On an individual basis, these dimensions include physical, emotional, social, intellectual and occupational wellness.  On a collective basis they include education, economics, housing, geography, transportation, food security, and healthcare.  The NARBHA Institute is addressing the individual and collective integrated wellbeing disparities, needs, and opportunities for intervention in northern Arizona.

In addition to conducting the comprehensive community needs assessment (link to that portion of the website) the NARBHA Institute has identified two primary "tests-of-change" pilot projects that identify capacity development opportunities for improved wellbeing in the region. These pilot projects are based on the NARBHA lnstitute's generative strategic focus on wellbeing across multi-disciplinary space and have clear deliverables that will reduce existing health disparities, and lead to significant and scalable projects and programs for the diverse populations of northern Arizona.  To follow is information about our current projects.