Supported Housing

One of the environmental factors impacting wellness in northern Arizona is supportive housing. Supportive housing is a combination of housing and services intended to help people live more stable, productive lives. Supportive housing is widely believed to work well for those who face the most complex challenges including individuals and families confronted with mental health challenges. 

Well North Communities, a subsidiary of The NARBHA Institute, is a provider of Permanent Supported Housing for persons living with Serious Mental Illness. It follows Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) evidence-based practices that emphasize:

  • Access to Housing: Well North accepts referrals from clinical care providers and informs tenants about the program but does not engage in a review of whether a prospective tenant is “ready” for housing. 
  • Functional separation of housing and services: Clinical care is provided by other companies. Well North can provide non-clinical case management, and is piloting a project to help tenants access benefits to which they may be entitled through the Federal SAMHSA SOAR program.  
  • Choice: Tenants can choose between available units and there is no loss of waitlist position if a tenant wishes to wait for a desired unit. 
  • Community integration: Units are located within the community.  
  • Voluntary Services: Leases are never conditional on treatment compliance  
  • Tenancy Rights: Tenants have full rights under landlord/tenant laws

To inquire about availability, please contact Eric Marcus at (928)233-8675.

Well North housing is made possible by purchase assistance from the Arizona Department of Health Services and in coordination with Health Choice Integrated Care (HCIC). To learn more, please visit: