Sustainable Economic Development

The Sustainable Economic Development Initiative (SEDI) mission is to promote sustainable economic prosperity through ecological health, social equity and a resilient economy.  SEDI expanded its role in the community as a subsidiary of the NARBHA Institute. This affiliation recognizes both organizations’ shared mission in promoting healthy and livable communities in northern Arizona. More about SEDI and the NARBHA Institute HERE.

The organization encourages renewable energy, local food sovereignty, the creation of jobs with wages and benefits that provide adequately for families and contribute to the community. SEDI also promotes the stewardship of natural resources, including water and land management, supporting sustainable economic development while helping to restore natural systems.

SEDI makes micro-loans, fosters and supports entrepreneurs, small and home-based businesses, and promotes green businesses; SEDI works with businesses and government to develop smart growth policies and helps organizations transition to sustainable models; and, SEDI continues the successful Teacher Awards for Sustainable Curriculum and partners with Northern Arizona University, Flagstaff Unified School District, Yavapai College and other educational and non-profit organizations in the community to offer internship, enrichment and other programs.