Five New Mental Health First Aid Instructors in Coconino County Sheriff’s Office

The Sheriff’s Office wants to be a part of the solution. “We believe that Mental Health First Aid training better equips our staff to recognize, understand, and respond to people with mental illness,” added Sheriff Driscoll. 

In 2015, the Coconino County Sheriff’s Office started training all Sheriff’s Office staff in Mental Health First Aid.  At that time, local area instructors facilitated the trainings.  To maintain our training program for staff, as well as in planning to be able to provide the training to our community, the Sheriff’s Office sought avenues to develop a cadre of trainers.

A longtime champion of community-based mental health care and collaborations, The NARBHA Institute supported the cost of the certification training for five Sheriff’s Office employees.  “We appreciate the Sheriff’s Office leadership in expanding mental health training for our community and region,” said Mary Jo Gregory, President and CEO of The NARBHA Institute. “This collaborative work helps build a culture of knowledge and empathy for mental wellbeing that is invaluable for people’s health.”

Sheriff Driscoll expresses his gratitude for the support of The NARBHA Institute in bringing Mental Health First Aid Training to Sheriff’s Office staff and the community.

Mental Health First Aid Training aims to educate people on how they can make a difference in the life of someone with mental health or substance abuse challenges by knowing what to do and what to say.  For more information about Mental Health First Aid Training, visit the organization’s website:  

Photo:  Chief Deputy Bret Axlund; James Wurgler, MD, Chair and Founding Director of The NARBHA Institute; Sheriff Jim Driscoll; Valerie Ausband, HR Manager Sheriff’s Office