The NARBHA Institute advances wellbeing in northern Arizona by inspiring hope, energizing coalitions, and amplifying diverse voices.

Our Strategic Initiatives

To serve as a catalyst and conveyor of transformative solutions advancing wellbeing through the framework of Livable Communities.


Northern Arizona’s health challenges are complex. They are both a cause and consequence of multiple social and environmental factors including mental illness, poverty, housing, educational shortfalls, employment opportunities, safety, food security and health disparities. We are working to advance wellbeing and have a 50% governance role in Health Choice Integrated Carethe new integrated regional behavioral health authority.

Community Needs Assessment

The NARBHA Institute commissioned a comprehensive assessment of needs and resources in northern Arizona including health, hunger, homelessness, chronic disease, economic development, work force development, and wellness. The discovery, trends and issues identified will help inform The NARBHA Institute's future philanthropic wellbeing initiatives.


Through its Well North Communities subsidiary, The NARBHA Institute provides Permanent Supported Housing for persons living with serious mental illness to help them live more stable, productive lives. The Institute is funding a pilot project to help tenants access benefits they may be entitled to through the SAMHSA SOAR program. Livable Communities is a proven strategy to assist those who face the most complex challenges. 

Sustainable Economic Development

The NARBHA Institute’s Sustainable Economic Development Initiative (SEDI) subsidiary promotes sustainable economic prosperity through ecological health, social equity, and a resilient economy. One program, SEDI’s Dollars for Dreams, offers community-supported micro-loans to businesses who do not have access to traditional financing, training and coaching, and assistance in building a credit history.


A Livable Community is the sum of the factors that define a communities' quality of life; housing, hunger security, transportation, workforce development, education, wellness, and safety.  We believe our funds and influence can contribute to collaborative solutions.


The NARBHA Institute Leadership

  • The Board of Directors governs the Institute and provides fiduciary oversight. The Board's shared dedication to our mission and vision and strong commitment to honor the voices and needs of poor and vulnerable populations is visible in all of our initiatives.

  • The Legacy Council is an advisory group to the The NARBHA Institute Board of Directors. It is comprised of stakeholder and community advocates and experts who engage in active dialog with consumers, Institute executives and the Board. The Legacy Council represents the voice of the consumer.

  • The Leadership Team is a blend of strategic and dynamic executives devoted to implementing the mission of advancing wellbeing in northern Arizona.


The NARBHA Institute embraces imagination, builds capacity, and inspires innovative solutions by leveraging resources and serving as a catalyst for well-being opportunities.


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