The NARBHA Institute Transformational Fellows

The NARBHA Institute Transformational Fellowship is an immersion opportunity with two overarching goals; share expertise and collaborate in building and communicating a Population Health Ecosystem that creates a pathway for health equity. Specialties include Palliative care, health-system technology, criminal justice reform, environmental sustainability, citizenship and agricultural expertise, public service,, complex health policy, the healing power of music, indigenous people, and education.

Tom Betlach

Tom Betlach, MPA

Fellow since 2019 (bio)

Keith Frey

Keith Frey, MD, MBA

Fellow since 2022 (bio)

Karin Hallberg

Karin Hallberg, PhD

Fellow since 2020 (bio)

Cindy Martin

Cindy Martin, MD

Fellow since 2018 (bio)

John Richardson

John Richardson

Fellow since 2021 (bio)

Juliette Roddy

Juliette Roddy, PhD

Fellow since 2019 (bio)

Charlton Wilson

Charlton Wilson, MD

Fellow since 2022 (bio)